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TikWidgets - Stats for tiktok

Customisable Influencer Widget

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As a TikTok user myself, I felt the need for a widget summing up my profile key stats.


Therefore, I have build this modest app, that on top of providing nice widgets to keep track of your follower and likes, will give you:

- Hashtag lists per category and theme

- Trending musics to discover

- Trending accounts to follow

- Trending challenges to reproduce


*No login required

*Works only on public profiles


TikWidgets for Home Screen is not and will never collect any data. This is YOUR tool. It's important for us that your account stays untouched and that's why using TikWidgets for Home Screen will not get you shadow banned.


Thanks for your support and patience! The new iOS 14 widgets are now ready and improved.

- Small & Medium Widgets

- Deeply customisable (change the background colour and its transparency and apply a background image for the widget)


Compatible with any iOS device!



This is an unofficial TikTok user made app complement and has NO affiliation with TikTok. Portions of the materials used are trademarks and/or copyrighted works of TikTok. This material is not official and is not endorsed by TikTok.

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TikWidgets for Home Screen App Review

TikWidgets is a great tool that you can use with TikTok. 

To use this app you have to add TikWidgets to the widgets in the settings of your phone.

When you get on the app, there will be 4 sections: Hashtags, Trendings, Widgets, and Settings. Read more...

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