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Clean aWay
For a better place to live
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Join thousands of people acting for a cleaner planet!


+ post spot to clean

+ post related cleaning with details about what you encountered

+ immortalise tossers on the wall of shame

+ posts history on profile

+ follow spots not people



About the app:


After living 8 years in Australia, road-tripping across multiple countries (New Zealand, South East Asia, Spain, Portugal, ...) I'm used to park with a camper van in random isolated places in the nature and I'm always surprised to see the amount of crap people can leave behind.


At some point, I decided to collect what I could to clean the different places where I could stay and make the locals happy to see that all travellers are not tossers.


After multiple trash picking sessions, I felt the need for a place to save them for me and not for likes on random non-related social medias.


Not finding anything related and as an iOS app developer, I was like, this could actually be a great idea for a dedicated app as I'm far to be the only one doing this... That was 3 months before Covid appeared and I have first done a mock up on iOS but then with Covid I was like who's gonna pick trash now... This and the fact that it's always frustrating to publish only on one platform, I have parked the project for over 2 years. Dedicated myself to learn how to code on Android too, in order to propose this modest tool and try to make a change when the time feels right again.


Now Clean aWay's popularity is in your hands, use it, share it, email me to improve it. Any input is welcome!


Follow us on proper social media @clean.away.official (link below) as a big announcement is yet to come!


Trust me, if you like the app idea already, you don't want to miss the opportunity to earn crypto whilst cleaning but mostly financially help associations to fight against climate change.

Clean aWay on social media:

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