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Lomograph - Pola Instant 1888

Camera photo booth multi shots

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iPhone 14-2.png
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iPhone 14-3.png

With Lomograph, action shots are combined directly, allowing to modify the layout & final result into one unique picture!

How to use:
- select how many pictures you want to take
- you can take 1, 4, 9, 16 or 25 pictures
- select the delay between pictures (0.5 to 5 sec)
- when ready start shooting
- once done, customise the final result
- apply blurring
- change the background colour
- apply a photo filter
- change the rounding and spacing
- change a picture for a sticker
- write something
- you can even retake a failed picture
- then save the final result
- or even save each pictures individually to reuse

Make a lomograph for the year, a trip,

a celebration, alone, with familly, friends or pets...



  • Animal Shelters

  • Tattoo Shops

  • Car/Bike Retailers

Find out more & contact me in-app.

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