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Easiest way to tearable ads
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Tear Off Ads Maker is an easy way to make pole advertisements. 


We've all seen these tearable ads around us... 


You're living in a city, offer guitar lessons, have a spare room, want to sale something, you name it! 


Go ahead and create your very own ad to match your needs.


App in English, Français, Español - Available on AppStore

Tear Off Ads Maker.png

I have made funny ads to spread the word about the app


Feel free to help me to make my modest app a bit known out there. It would be awesome if you could download one of the following ads and if you live in city to display one or two around for people to be able to get to know the app and download it.

I tried to make it fun but you can of course come up with your own idea (be respectful and kind please).

You can select a ready to print model or download the app and make one.


- All we need is love (English) (Español) (Français)

- Good vibe (English) (Español) (Français)

- Funny flat (Catalan) (English) (Français)

- Smile (English) (Español) (Français)

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