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Multizic quiz

Crazy multi blindtest

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Can you recognise 5 songs played simultaneously?

If you are listening to a lot of music then you will love MultiZic Quiz.


4 ways to play:

- with the artist of your choice

- with music genre of your choice

- with Top Charts (a selection of over 400 songs known worldwide)

- add your own playlists from Deezer


+ no annoying ads at all


Then we take 5 songs randomly and play them simultaneously.


When you guess right an artist or a song (depending on the mode) the song will be removed from the played songs to let you try to guess more.


The Top Charts mode only will allow you to guess with artist, get help and earned coins.


Challenge yourself and your friends with MultiZic Quiz!


**Some icons made by Freepik, Smashicons & srip from



MultiZic Quiz is an awesome music guessing game that has most of your favorite artists!

When you enter the game you’ll be introduced to the rules.

There are four modes: Artists, Genres, Playlists, and Top Charts... Read more...


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